Motorized rolling chicken coop door

The next few pages describe how to make a

motorized rolling chicken coop door

motorized chicken coop door

The door is run by a 12 volt geared motor.  The motor is actuated by either the relays on the
computer or by momentary pushbuttons on the control panel.
The door has two lever actuated microswitches that act as limit switches.
The door uses closet door rollers that suspend the door in 1/4″ rod.
A hand made pulley and cord system move the door.

The door control is on a timer for opening in the morning.
At night I use my cell phone or computer to bring up cameras
that let me count the chickens on the roost and
when all the chickens are in I use the Coop Control page to close the door.

If you want more information, ask!

written by Doug Wyman

One thought on “Motorized rolling chicken coop door”

  1. I am a first time chicken owner and I want my birds be 100% safe. I have an all enclosed coop, but I want to know if anything goes wrong.
    Where can I find your motorized coop door and monitor and how much does that cost. Thanks for any information.

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