Intro to the door

These pages will cover how to make the automated door .
It will include a parts list, wiring diagram and copies of the code
to extend control to your favorite browser.
It is really a gas to be able to use a smart phone to close the chickens up at night.
The coop door rolls on a 1/4 inch steel rod
and is operated by a 10 RPM motor with limit switches.
coopdoorOn the far right in this image you
can see the pulley wheel and switches.
This is a link to as built Sketchup file 
The motor is operated by either the switches
or by the two relays on the Pi Face adapter on
the Raspberry Pi computer.  
An H Bridge could
have been used but being an old school hardware
junkie, I used two relays. The pulley was made by
using a hole saw to drill out a round block of wood
which was smoothed then a round file was used
to cut the groove for the cord, while the disk was
spun by a drill.  The center was enlarged to fit a
scooter hub.

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