Put your Pi in a pipe but don’t smoke it.

Earlier this year someone asked on Google+ what to make for a science project.  A number of us suggested a weather station.  That set me off on a project.  I had been playing with temperature sensors and had played with the DHT-22 and the TI HDC1000EVM.  I exposed most everything to the harsh mountain climate and even after damaging a couple of them, I settled on the BME-280.

But now the project would be to build a nice looking and fully functional weather station.  Understand from the start that this project wasn’t to just build it but to learn.  After all many of the components can be purchased and modified for less that the cost of building one from scratch.  Although the image above is of the first prototype, you can still see the Pi in the pipe. Project Video at  https://youtu.be/UXCIHt9ciaI



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