Don’t let micro USB connectors impact the ground

Sept 2017

Just knocked my weather computer mock-up to the ground!

Oh dang!  The damn thing hit on the power connector.
Off to the work table we go.
The 5V power feeds to my PiZ-Uptime UPS which I treasure.
Sure enough, the USB micro SMD female connector has been knocked to one side
and the SMD from the USD are hanging.
Arghhh…  Well I’ll just unsolder the battery holder and realign the pins and resolder.

Done! now to reinstall the battery holder
let’s see…  Positive end is that one with the
fragment of a pad and a bit of trace that I have torn from the board.
“Hello Amazon I need to….

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Doug Wyman

The first computer I used was an 1962 IBM 1401 and the project was statistical information at JSPC Okinawa (NSA). Then as a civilian I engaged in Telecommunications and Video consulting thru 1974. I was asked to join the WSP Electronic Services Telecommunications and Computer engineering section and stayed till 2000. Then I was asket to work on the WSDOT CVISN project and did till till 2005 then back into retirement. Then WSCTC asked me to act as a consultant to CVISN and I did till 2011. I retired for the third time am learning Debian, Python, PHP and others for the first time. Superannuated but still learning

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